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About OfferChats.in

Hey there, since you have come this far to know about us, you probably like what we do. So, still as a formality let me welcome you to Neo. You must be wondering, Neo? I am at OfferChats.in then what's Neo? Well OfferChats.in is a part of the greater family of Neo, which happens to be one of the newest prominent Startup in India. And OfferChats.in is one of it's brainchild.

Established in Kolkata, India by 4 techies working from their home PCs, OfferChats.in started as a rudimentary hobby project and was meant for use only for the co-founders and their friends. But by the spread of great word-of-mouth the demand of OfferChats.in soon the growth of OfferChats.in was required. Started initially with a handful of online merchant partners, today we are partners with over 300+ online merchants and vendors all over India including big names like Amazon and Flipkart.

OfferChats.in is today evolving on an everyday rate and new innovations in interface and UI is constantly on work to make your experience at OfferChats.in as smooth and memorable as you wish it. So from the team at OfferChats.in we wish you a very happy shopping. #DealHoTohAisa